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During the IDC course at Diver's Paradise, you will apply your diving skills and knowledge—learning to teach the PADI system in the classroom, confined water (pool) and open water.


Extend your diving beyond recreational

Technical Diving allows you to extend your diving beyond recreational no-stop limits. This allows you to plan longer dives at shallower depths, or to plan dives to more advanced depths and locations.

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Breathe, Relax, Connect

Bea Minguez, free diving champion and instructor,  introduces you to this magical world.

Set Course to Your Diver's Paradise

The Diver’s Paradise Newton Special boats were custom designed for maximum space and comfort.

World-renowned film crews, like National Geographic, 60 Minutes and CNN, choose our boats when filming in Miami. Our open concept, amenities, wide beam and easy access to the water are a few of the many boat charter highlights found at Diver’s Paradise.

We are gratefully partnered with the University of Miami, providing boat charters for coral restoration projects, Rescue a Reef and shark tagging programs. Diver’s Paradise also charters to non-snorkeling/diving events, like bay cruises for groups & parties and for those who simply want a carefree day on the water. 

Our captains are among the best in South Florida. With extensive knowledge of our local waters, the Diver’s Paradise multi-lingual crew create a fun, safe environment to ensure you have the optimum personal experience.

 Join us for a spectacular day on the water with one of our many dive site offerings. Our boats excite guests seven days a week. Miami is home to more than 80 wrecks and artificial reefs. How about a trip to our highly recommended Biscayne National Park? 

As the only dive operator allowed to access the Biscayne National Parks northern quadrant, we can assure unsurpassed beauty for snorkelers and divers alike. 

Looking for a special outing? Perhaps a Diver’s Paradise private charter is your perfect solution. Contact our charter specialist to learn more.  

Our Dive Boats

Our two custom Newton dive boats are loaded with amenities such as complimentary refreshments, drinks, music, heated showers and a super clean main deck restroom. We offer a top deck and bow seating area for plenty of sun and lots of shade on the main deck.


Diver's Paradise—Key Biscayne, Florida—PADI 5 Star Scuba Development Center
Our Dive Sites
Our Dive Sites

60 Wrecks + 30 reefs 30-minutes away from our dock

Diver’s Paradise is located in pristine Key Biscayne, a hidden gem found minutes outside of downtown Miami and Miami Beach—offering an island-like atmosphere of seclusion and relaxation. Daily spectacular diving and snorkeling experiences to the reefs and wrecks are minutes from our dock. There are more than 60 wrecks for diving that include ships, tugs, barges, army tanks, oil platforms, rock piles, pipes and the world-famous Neptune Memorial Site.


Emerald Reef

Avg Depth: 20ft / 6m. Max Depth: 30ft / 9m. Cert Level: Open Water. Features: Reef & Wreck.

Neptune Memorial Reef

Avg Depth: 15ft / 5m. Max Depth: 45ft / 14m. Cert Level: Open Water. Features: Coral Reef & Good Snorkel.

Flamingo Reef

Avg Depth: 20ft. Max Depth: 30ft. Cert Level: Open Water. Features: Coral Reef.

Wreck Treck

Avg Depth: 60ft. Max Depth: 60ft. Cert Level: Open Water. Features: Artificial Reef & Wreck. Perfect For Night Dives.

Proteus Wreck

Avg Depth: 72ft. Max Depth: 72ft. Cert Level: Open Water. Features: Artificial Reef & Wreck.
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Ways We Give Back

Ocean Conservation

University of Miami
Rescue a Reef

Our Conservation Partners

Rescue a Reef program was developed in 2015 to educate, to raise public awareness and action on coral conservationThis includes hosting citizen science field expeditions led by UM coral researchers. They provide a unique, handson opportunity for recreational scuba divers and snorkelers to participate directly in our coral restoration efforts.

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