Dive Shop

Upon arrival at our dive shop you will find ample free parking, a fully stocked dive shop with all the latest dive equipment along with our knowledgeable and multilingual staff eager to assist your dive, snorkel and boat charter needs. We carry all the best Scuba brands like Aqualung, Mares, Atomic, Garmin, Shearwater. We also offer a full range of free-diving, spearfishing and technical diving equipment and are conveniently open 7 days a week. Prefer to come by boat? No problem, we have a free loading dock for our customers.


Dive Pool

What a luxury to have our heated pool right downstairs! The pool is  saltwater to avoid chlorine irritation or damage to dive gear and is heated to a cozy 86 degrees year-round. On the pool deck we have picnic tables, a freshwater shower and plenty of space to hang and dry your wet gear. We carry Sun Bum products in the store if you need shampoo, conditioner or sun screen. We often see Paradise, the local duck, come check out the pool activity so don’t be surprised- or feed him.

Gear Rentals

Our rental gear is all top of the line and in new condition.  We have over 160 rental tanks, steel and aluminum, DIN and yoke, Nitrox and air. Our rental regulators have optional dive computers for your convenience. Our BCDs are weight integrated and come with a SMB for safety.  We offer 3mm and 5mm wetsuits for men and women to keep you nice and warm underwater. Our rental masks are premium anti fog mask and we even offer full face snorkel masks for a full 180′ view underwater. 

Tank Fill Station

Our state of the art fill system includes two brand new Bauer Verticon compressors that pump meticulously clean air. Our air is analyzed quarterly to ensure we meet or exceed all industry standards for breathing air. The Nitrox and Trimix blending is all computer assisted allowing for precision blends and we can fill 18 tanks at one time so there is very little wait time. We offer hydrostatic and visual inspections and can often  perform the visual inspection while you wait. Please bring your certification card with you for air fills and note that we do not fill any dive cylinder that is over 20 years old regardless of when the last hydrostatic test was done. Save money with our pre paid air cards available in store.


top faqs

Do I need to know how to swim to participate in snorkeling or scuba diving activities?

Yes, all scuba diving and snorkeling participants must be comfortable swimmers.

Do you need to be a certified diver to scuba dive?

You must be a certified diver to scuba dive on all of our trips, except for students in training and Discover Scuba Divers, who can experience the thrill of scuba diving for a day without being scuba certified

What trips can I snorkel on?

As our boats take both scuba divers and snorkelers out on the same trips, we are sure to indicate on all of our trip listings whether a specific site will be suitable for snorkeling or not. Snorkeling is not available at all of our sites however -any trip listed on our calendar that includes the “Snorkelers welcome on this trip!” message will be a shallower site and a great location for snorkeling.

Can I take my scuba class in Spanish?

Yes! The majority of our staff at Diver’s Paradise are bilingual, and between our team we speak 10 different languages. We offer Open Water Diver classes in both English and Spanish, and we can offer private classes in Portuguese, German, Italian, and French.

What happens if my dive is cancelled due to weather?

At Diver’s Paradise, our number one priority is ensuring the safety of our trip passengers and crew. As we are located in South Florida, we closely monitor wind and weather conditions to assess if they are suitable for diving and snorkeling. If one of our dive trips is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions, all customers will be notified of the cancelation by both email and by phone ahead of time. Customers will be given the option to reschedule or to be refunded for their trip booking and may indicate their preference by replying to the cancelation email. Refunds are typically completely processed within 7-10 business days.

How long does it take to get my certification card after completing the class?

You will receive either a digital license or temporary card immediately upon completion all classes so you can start diving right away. Plastic PADI cards take 1 to 2 weeks to process and arrive at your home.

Can I fly after diving?

According the the PADI dive tables, you must wait 18 to 24 hours AFTER diving before flying. If you are doing three dives I suggest waiting 24 hours or referring to your dive computer for instructions on flying after diving. consequatur.

How old do you need to be to get scuba certified?

The minimum age to get your SCUBA license is 10. We advise that kids close to this age be strong swimmers and mature enough to study their training materials with minimal help.
Any class with a 10 or 11 year old in it is limited to a maximum ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor. When the child turns 15, you can convert their license from Jr. OW to Open Water. Divers aged 10 to 14 must dive with an adult certified diver at all times.

Do I need a license to scuba dive?

You must have a SCUBA license in order to rent SCUBA equipment or go diving. If you do not have a license and want to scuba dive then our Discover Scuba Diving class is perfect for you.

I forgot or lost my scuba diving license, can I still dive with you?

If you hold a PADI, SSI or NAUI Certification Card we can verify it through the internet. If you hold any other training agencies license you will have to contact them and ask to have a proof sent to you. We suggest you take a photo your certification card so that you always have access to it.

What if I can't complete my dive class?

You have one year to complete your dive class from the time you start it. If you can not complete your class with us we will issue a referral so that you may continue with another PADI dive center. We do not issue refunds, in part or in full, for any dive classes.

Why don't you include mask, snorkel and fins in any of your certification classes?

These items are personal in nature and need to be fitted by a professional to ensure proper fit and to be sure you have the right equipment for your diving environment. All of our classes allow plenty of time to get fitted prior to any in water training. We do not allow snorkeling gear (the type sold at wallmart etc) as personal gear., It is not suitable for scuba diving

Can I dive while on my period?

Yes, it is completely safe to so so as long as you feel mentally well enough to do so. There are no documented cases in history of sharks being attracted to menstrual blood.

Can I dive if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately no. There is no research to support the safety of diving while pregnant.

Gear Rental

Description Price
Air Tanks
Dive Computer
Premium 3mm or 5mm Wetsuit
Mask & Snorkel
Mask, Snorkel & Fins
Dive Flag
Nitrox (When added to a dive reservation)
Nitrox (Carry out)

*All gear rental prices are per day. Must be scuba certified to rent. A credit card deposit is required for all rentals. Only set of gear per scuba certification card.

Special : Rent for 7 days, only pay for 5.